perjantai 28. tammikuuta 2022

Jussi Halla-aho palasi kauhistuttavana musiikkimiehenä juurilleen

Perussuomalaisten entinen puheenjohtaja, nykyinen rivikansanedustaja Jussi Halla-aho oli laulanut, säveltänyt, sanoittanut ja soittanut thrash metallia esittävässä Blasphemian-musiikkiyhtyeessä vuodesta 1989 vuoteen 1994.

Kappaleeseen My Second Coming hän on tehnyt nyt uudet sanat.

Musiikkivideo löytyy Youtubesta: Oi, katso.

Videon alussa on melko pitkä instrumentaali-intro.

Kappaleen sanat kuuluvat näin:

Hell with you, I’m broken free, a salivating nightmare
In my time of hibernating all your sins I had to bear
Through dreams of a bitch of Amsterdam I’ve arrived to spread my terror
A virus in your IBM, forever-lasting syntax error

Break the spell with so-called knowledge
I’m a killing vicious itch
You can’t even scratch

Time and weather are working for me
Soon you will all be history
Spoiled in your youth when my threat was unknown
Now you’re feeling a chill in your backbone

Can you still recall the cold and frosty night so long a time ago
You heard that silent whispering and asked your mother if she would know
I was there, not capable of anything but I did await
Now I’m here and once again this world must pay for the dinner it ate

You may well cry out your brain
But nothing more you will obtain
Man must pay for the catastrophy

You are just a creeping lice
Worthy of only hate and despise
I must see you die
I must see you victimized

Fly away, canary, but can’t you see?
I’m not after you, I just fullfil a written prophecy
Does it make a difference if it’s me or someone else
Now cleaning patrols are storming the barbed wire fence

Resurrection, mass infection
Follow mating call, empire’s fall
Turbid stare born to defy
Paris, Rome and Hannover
All sober to suffer a hangover
Sleep! Wake!

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